Somewhere in the remote wilderness of the Kimberley region in the far north of Western Australia, there is a magnificent lake set amongst some of the most spectacular scenery on earth…

Imagine living in a place where crocodiles outnumber humans; where you’re hours from the coast, but the sea is your front yard (an inland sea, that is); where flocks of birds can number into the tens of thousands; and where each day’s sunset has the potential to be the best you’ve ever seen.

When Greg began operating in 1999, he knew he’d never tire of showing this incredible part of the world to others. Two decades (and thousands of guests later) Lake Argyle Cruises remains the number one choice for exploring this magnificent part of The Kimberley.

Our fleet of purpose-built cruise vessels offer comfortable seating and unobstructed views, immersing you into the breath-taking landscape that the East Kimberley is renowned for. Our team’s passion and knowledge, together with our fantastic products have earned us the Holy Grail for any tour company – a five star rating and Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor.

Whether you’re spotting for wildlife during one of our cruises, hiring a dinghy and throwing in a line, drifting across the water on a stand-up paddle board, or soaking in the magic of an East Kimberley sunset, you’ll experience the heart and soul of Lake Argyle with us, Lake Argyle Cruises!


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Greg is the loveable larrikin and owner of Lake Argyle Cruises. He moved to the Eastern Kimberley 30 years ago and fell in love with Lake Argyle while working in logistics here. During this time Greg dreamt up a tourism operation on Australia’s largest (yet relatively unknown) freshwater lake. 20 years, and thousands of visitors later, he remains at the helm of the business, supported by his lovely wife, two daughters and his fantastic team. Birdwatching is Greg’s real passion. Ask him about birds and he’ll chirp on forever!



LAKE ARGYLE CRUISES is located at the Lake Argyle Village, 200 metres past the caravan park on the left hand side, adjacent to the first look-out turnoff. Next door, perched above the main dam is Lake Argyle village where you’ll find motel-style cabins, a shop, bar, restaurant and a caravan park.

Lake Argyle is a place of great significance, not only to the people and animals that call it home, but also to the traditional owners, the Miriuwung Gajerrong people. The area is also the site of one of the first cattle stations in the East Kimberley, with pioneering families such as the Duracks laying the foundations of what was to become the cattle empires of the Kimberley. Kimberley Durack first contemplated damming the Ord River in 1939, with works beginning some 20 years later with the building of the Diversion Dam in Kununurra.

Today, Lake Argyle is Australia’s largest reservoir of freshwater in Australia (when in flood). Encompassing an area of up to 1,000 square kilometres at full level, Lake Argyle supplies fresh water to a thriving agricultural system and a clean source of energy (hydroelectric) to the East Kimberley region, including the world’s largest diamond mine.



The many animal species that can be seen at Lake Argyle today are thanks, in part, to the epic animal rescue mission that unfolded over the 1971-72 Wet Season. ‘Operation Ord Noah’ saw conservationists from the West Australian Wildlife Association manning dinghies and plunging into rising floodwaters to rescue wallabies, snakes, skinks and other native animals from drowning. With the water rising so quickly, contained by the new dam wall, animals scrambled to the newly created islands which would become their future homes. One volunteer, Henry Hall, noted in his field diary:

“Had a lively few minutes when a swimming King Brown snake came up the side of the boat and into the stern”.

It was a mighty effort from the team at WAWA, battling the Wet Season extremes of heat and storms, huge herds of cattle and various species of reptiles; but it was a worthy effort indeed. Today, the lake is home to an amazing array of wildlife including an estimated 25,000 freshwater (Johnstone’s) crocodiles; 26 species of native fish; approximately one third of Australia’s bird species which, at times, can number in the tens of thousands; and various marsupials and reptiles which live on the 90 islands.

The best way to get up-close with Lake Argyle’s wildlife is with us! Whether you join a cruise; rent a dinghy; hire stand-up paddle boards or arrange for a specialist fishing or birdwatching charter, you’re sure to discover the best of the lake with Lake Argyle’s original tour operator – Lake Argyle Cruises.



Lake Argyle is known to have 100 plus recorded bird species. Cruising on a birdwatching charter will guarantee that you spot not only a great variety of birds and also some rare species.

Click the button below to view the full list of birds species found in Lake Argyle.



From Kununurra: Travel 35kms along the Victoria Highway towards the NT Border. Turn right onto Lake Argyle Road and follow for a further  35kms. Once you arrive at the Lake Argyle Tourist Village, our office is located 200 metres past the caravan park on the left hand side. Take a look on our contact page for the address and map.

From Katherine/Northern Territory: Following the Quarantine Checkpoint at the border, drive 7kms and turn left onto Lake Argyle Road. Follow for 35kms before arriving into Lake Argyle village. Our office is located 200 metres past the caravan park on the left hand side.

Alternatively you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view on one of our daily return coach trips from Kununurra. For more information, feel free to get in touch.