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The Argyle Downs Homestead (Durack Homestead) is approximately 2kms from the Lake Argyle Tourist Village, nestled amongst beautiful bushland. You can wander around its grounds and visit the displays within the homestead. If your lucky you may even see their resident Bower Bird making its nest! If you are looking to burn some energy, you can complete one of their walking tracks including Homestead Falls (wet season) or try your luck on the Argyle bike track.

The original homestead was built in the 1894. Constructed of handcrafted quartzite blocks with crushed termite mounds used as mortar, it was a magnificent building for its time.

The area was settled by Patrick Durack in 1886 who arrived in the area after trekking across the north of the continent from their property on Coopers Creek in Queensland along with 7250 breeding cattle and 200 horses. The 3000 miles journey of cattle to stock Argyle Downs and Ivanhoe station is the longest of its type ever recorded. The Duracks exported the cattle from the station through the port of Wyndham to markets as far as South Africa and North America.

During the early 1970’s a decision was made to remove the homestead before Lake Argyle began to fill in order to preserve this magnificent building for all time.

The homestead was dismantled stone by stone with every stone coded in such a way so as to be able to be rebuilt with every stone back in its original position.

The homestead now lives on as a museum dedicated to the pioneering spirit of the Durack Family. The museum is open to the public daily from April to October.

The Durack family graveyard at Argyle Homestead, near Kununurra

Courtesy: Tourism WA

You can read more about the Homestead and the Durack Family, the pioneering family who once called this homestead home here




The Argyle Downs Homestead (Durack Homestead) is approximately 2kms from the Lake Argyle Tourist Village,

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