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Lake Argyle abounds with a huge variety and number of fish. The largest being the massive“Silver Cobbler” which can weigh up to 40kg. We target these huge beasts as well as the feisty “Sooty Grunter” and anything else which might come along. Barramundi are increasing in numbers, but are still few and far between.


We guarantee that you will catch a fish of some sort, if not we give you a 50% refund. We supply a selection of rods, reels, handlines, bait and lures (lures to be replaced if lost). You are also welcome to bring your own gear. We are supporters of sustainable fishing practices and have therefore imposed our own limit of 3 fish or 3kg (unless a single fish filleted weighs over 3kg then you can keep whole fish) per person per trip.

To book this trip, please get in touch.


Children (1-14 yrs):

Pick up:
Morning trip 8:00am
Afternoon trip 1:30pm
(Lake Argyle Cruises office)

Morning trip 12:00pm
Afternoon trip 5:30pm