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The early bird gets the worm and our morning cruise is a great way to begin your day at Lake Argyle! Established in 1973 and still an essential trip for many who visit the region, the morning cruise explores the rugged northern end of Lake Argyle while navigating through some of the lake’s 90 islands and inlets. During your cruise you’ll enjoy informative commentary on the natural history and development of Lake Argyle, The Ord River Irrigation System and The Aquaculture Industry. You’ll encounter Rock Wallabies, Crocodiles, Wallaroos (Euros) and the diverse array of birdlife that call Lake Argyle home. You’ll be delighted and awed by the Archer Fish that shoot water up at your hand with amazing precision. You’ll watch a Catfish feeding frenzy (also known by the fancier term of ‘Silver Cobbler’) and perhaps you’ll even be enticed to come back out on one of our fishing trips. There’s no better way to experience the breathtaking landscape of the Carr Boyd Ranges and the inaccessible North Western shoreline than on our morning cruise!

Includes: Complimentary tea and coffee

Average Duration: 2.¼  hours

Note: We specialise in observing wildlife, but due to the nature of wild animals it cannot be guaranteed you will see all that is described in our services.

Imagine living in a place where crocodiles outnumber humans; where you’re hours from the coast, but the sea is your front yard (an inland sea, that is); where flocks of birds can number into the tens of thousands; and where each day’s sunset has the potential to be the best you’ve ever seen.

When Greg began operating in 1999, he knew he’d never tire of showing this incredible part of the world to others. Two decades (and thousands of guests later) Lake Argyle Cruises remains the number one choice for exploring this magnificent part of the Kimberley.

Our fleet of purpose-built cruise vessels offer comfortable seating and unobstructed views, immersing you into the breathtaking landscape that the Eastern Kimberley is renowned for. Our team’s passion and knowledge, together with our fantastic products have earned us the Holy Grail for any tour company – a five star rating and Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor.

Whether you’re spotting for wildlife during one of our cruises, hiring a dinghy and throwing in a line, drifting across the water on a stand-up paddle board, or soaking in the magic of an East Kimberley sunset, you’ll experience the heart and soul of Lake Argyle with us, Lake Argyle Cruises!

Dress ‘Kimberley casual’ – shorts, t-shirt and sandals. Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen, camera, towel and swimwear. If you are sensitive to the cold, bring a light jacket to wear while we are motoring. Warm clothing may be required from June to August.

Smart and entertaining guide in a beautiful location

“My partner and my son and I went on the Morning Cruise with Lake Argyle Cruises. I would highly recommend it!
This cruise is a beautiful way to see Lake Argyle. We saw rock wallabies, fresh water crocodiles and fed archer fish by hand. My partner and son had a swim in the lake too, at one of the deepest and bluest parts. It was just stunning (too cold for me though)!
Our guide was a fun, intelligent and articulate local/ owner of the cruise company. The coach and the cruising vessel were both in excellent condition and very comfortable. The tour was very well run.
We also hired a canoes for the three of us for half a day and enjoyed paddling about the lake and swimming at the bottom of a pontoon. It was just beautiful.”

Erica P

Sydney, Australia

Incredible morning cruise

“We booked the morning cruise rather than the sunset cruise as it was cheaper for our family of 5 and we really just wanted to get out on the lake. We drove out to Lake Argyle from Kununurra and waited at the store for the bus to take us down to the lake. The bus crosses the dam wall then goes down a steep (13%) grade to get to the edge of the lake.

We all popped on the boat and headed out into the lake. The driver provided commentary as we travelled around, seeing the dam wall and listening to the story of it’s creation, seeing wallaroos, crocodiles, jabiru, pelicans, feeding archer fish and cat fish, listening to the history of the dam and the area around it. Tea, coffee and biscuits were available to help ourselves to, and we were free to move around the boat a bit to see things more clearly. When we found fresh water crocodiles basking on the shore of one of the islands, we went in close to get a good look and were able to see one slide into the water. The archer fish were fun to feed as we watched them shoot water into the air trying to catch the bread we were feeding them. 

The lake was incredible to look at from every angle. We only covered a portion of the lake and were constantly reminded of how big it is. The islands and surrounding ranges are beautiful and fascinating, and the animal life is varied.

On our way back to shore we stopped in one of the deepest parts of the lake (23m) and had a swim, which was incredible. Pool noodles were available to float on and most people jumped in the water for the experience. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and were so thrilled with everything we saw, heard and did on the lake. The commentary was excellent – informative, friendly and entertaining.”


Yarra Glen, Australia


We supply cold water, tea, coffee and sweat biscuits throughout the cruise.
It is recommended to have breakfast before departure.

You most certainly can, we just ask that you keep the items in a small cooler bag such as an insulated shopping bag and store these items under your seat.
We do have limitations due to the size of our boat, what our capacity is on the day and movability around the boat.
Please contact our sales team to discuss further 08 91 687 687.

Definitely, this cruise is well catered for children, including infants. We find this cruise isn’t too long with plenty to be seen along the way.

Unfortunately not, we do have room restrictions on board our boats.
Please feel free to call our sales team to discuss your options 08 91 687 687.

During the months of June to August it can get cold out at Lake Argyle.
We recommend bringing a jumper or jacket and/or a change of clothes.
Yes, both on board our boats and at our office.

Certainly, we do have freshwater crocodiles in Lake Argyle but these creatures don’t actively hurt humans. We swim in the deeper parts of Lake Argyle where they frequent less.

Lake Argyle is 70kms from Kununurra. The drive should take approx 50 minutes, but we recommend giving yourself an hour travel time.

Certainly is, Lake Argyle Road is sealed the whole way. There are some spots you will need to slow down due to the condition of the road and you do need to check the road conditions in the ‘wet season’.
Pop into our office, located 200 metres past the Lake Argyle Resort, our sales team will be happy to point out others points of interest. Whilst here come and browse through our amazing Zebra Rock collection.


Reach out to our customer service team.