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When it comes time to exploring the outback, the choice of travel by car is pretty obvious. Some of us remember those family road trips with pleasure, and others of us would prefer to forget the entire experience as quickly as possible. The difference sometimes lies in the planning.

Spontaneity is a good thing. I'm all for it — most of the time. But just deciding to take a road trip on the spur of the moment without planning is really a recipe for disaster.

Successful road trips begin with a detailed plan.

1. Budget

There needs to be a budget: a certain amount of money allotted for food, room accommodations, tours, and FUEL!

2. Water

Water!! It is ESSENTIAL that you pack plenty of water. The outback can get quite hot and there is a lot of nothing in between towns. 

3. Accomodation

I'm not saying that every minute of every hour needs to be planned, but there needs to be enough of a plan in place so that hotel reservations can be made in advance. It's not much fun to sleep in the car.

4. Tours and Activities

Booking tours in advance is the best way to ensure the is a space for the whole family on the tour. It's not much fun finding out you can't go if there not enough spaces for all the family. Book your Lake Argyle Cruise tour here

5. Car

The car needs a good checkup before a road trip commences. Car trouble can ruin a good time, not to mention cost a lot of money that you'd planned to use for things like food, hotels, and tickets.

But travel by car is one of the best ways to see the country. Taking the byways instead of the highways can allow you to experience life in regions of outback Australia or in other countries. Planning is the secret to successful travel by automobile.

Remember to plans well,  keep safe and enjoy your adventure!


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